To all our Kleerwine customers, we would like to inform you that we recently conducted an indepth consumer survey on our brand name and current product packaging, and what we established through your valuable feedback is as follows.

  • Kleerwine, the name can be confusing, “is it a wine?”, “does it clear the wine?”, “does it clear the alcohol content?”.
  • From multiple customer requests, it was evident that our sulphite reducing formulation would assist in other beverage options, so we have developed additional new product extensions and it was clear that the current packaging was limited when applied to the new products.

We are delighted to announce that we have launched these products under the new brand umbrella “Just Aid Brands” and now with these new products, you can enjoy preservative free drinks, healthier beverage options, assisting with improved hydration and correcting PH balance imbalances.

We introduce to you :

  • Wine Aid (formerly branded Kleerwine)
  • Juice Aid
  • Cider Aid
  • Flavor Aid
  • pH Balance Aid
  • Hydrate Aid

Our new website can be found at :

Note : The Kleerwine formulation remains unchanged and can be found in its new packaging under the name Wine Aid