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Kleerwine ’s active ingredient H2O2 is an approved additive under The National Health and Medical Research Council Food Standards Code 4.5.1
As the wine is low in preservatives after treatment it will generally start to oxidize after 24   hours.
90% of wines contain Sulphites (SO2) which can cause allergy-like symptoms.
It is a dilute food grade solution of Hydrogen Peroxide scientifically manufactured for reducing preservatives in wine.
It may result in some increased oxidation of the wine but has no harmful effects.
If used as per the dosage instructions there is no noticeable change in the taste.
Generally there is a lack of fresh aroma’s, the taste may seem a little flat and the color will   deepen (in whites) and brown (in reds).
Yes, the addition of extra drops per glass will ensure an even lower level of preservatives (sulphites). The wine may show some signs of oxidation if not consumed in a reasonable period of time.
Kleerwine reduces the preservatives (Sulphites) by varying amounts depending on the composition of the wine. Individual results will vary.